Blue Love

7 Sep 2013

So it’s because of that. can leave.
I can’t tie you tho.
You’ve your choice.
Good luck for your new love.
Good luck for everything.
We’re still friend, don’t worry.
The difference is we’re on different path now.


4 Sep 2013

He’s like a baby…
But he’s mature at the same time…
He’s so charming, but I never see him as my ideal guy…
He’s like my brother who I want to love and protect…
He is my bias..
But he’s not a person who I want to have as my company in life..
He’s my happiness…
*That’s for now* ^.^

4 Sep 2013

I can’t judge…
I don’t want to judge…
Who am I to judge /tho/…
Now I just want to cherish everything as it be….
Because love is unpredictable…
Come and leave…
It’s normal…

2 Sep 2013


So it’s not just me who see my bias as a child. He has childlike personality tho, so everybody does think like me. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

22 Aug 2013

Tsk…Why I feel that after Kim Gura returned back to RS, the show feels more tense-up than before. The fun has decreased and I miss Seeyoon. This’s the 1st time I’ll say this: I don’t like you Kim Gura !! ~___~ Say what you need to say but don’t force anything to other as you like. Remember that..

21 Aug 2013

It’s been a long time since I post something here.. Getting used to just use the message service here.. :D

21 Aug 2013

130821 SUKIRA

RW: I was so surprised! We have a cat in our dorms, and it sits on the toilet and goes to bathroom. I was so shocked
EH: it uses the bidet too. Goes to bathroom, and clicks the button.
RW: I was so shocked, I closed the door.

Cr: NKSubs

hahahaha..I guess what they talking about’s Heechul’s cats. Wow..Heenim’s level of teaching his dear pet really amazed me.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

21 Aug 2013

130821 Sukira (Trans by NKSubs)

RW: I was so surprised! We have a cat in our dorms, and it sits on the toilet and goes to bathroom. I was so shocked

13 Jan 2013

13 Jan 2013

My beloved and only fandom : ELF

My beloved and only fandom : ELF

28 Dec 2012

Let me cut ur nails… :3 

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28 Jun 2012


the kyubrows

Cute.. ><

25 Jun 2012

I have this itching desire to change my theme up completely, but the theme I have now is so perfect and has been there for sooo long. But I’m feeling I need a changeeeee. uggh help

Just don’t change the apple.. You could change the Kyu’s picture inside it, and you stiil “Kyuapple” with freshly image ^- ^

25 Jun 2012

24 Jun 2012